It changed from heat wave to autumn overnight, a very Toronto way. Now the plants that thrived all summer will be on the lookout for sudden death of too cold. […]

I loved the movie Rumble, one of the stories I learned there was when Johnny Cash hit the big time, when Ring Of Fire was playing everywhere, the next thing […]

I’ve finished the syllabus for the songwriting class, revising the old one that is. There’s a lot maybe too much but whatever. Eight assignments + keeping a journal which is […]

One time Blue Rodeo played a bill with the Everly Brothers. It was 1989 at the Football Stadium in Ottawa that the Roughriders called home. It was a summer picnic […]

Now the grocery store has a giant framed KISS album being auctioned off. Previously I’ve seen it go from Tragically Hip to Rolling Stones to Rush. Pretty sure whoever is […]

Sometimes people make a plan to practice something over and over and they do not. But each day wake up eager to get dreaming how they will get there and […]

There was a student one time who wrote songs about finding fault with herself over everything she did. One of her classmates asked if she was aware of the fact […]

I’m auditioning green teas. Have gone through five. Lung Ching, Appleberry Aswagandha, some others I don’t recall the names. I don’t know what I’m doing. Also bought one called Gunpowder […]

When the open stage at Bloor United church had to move I was upset and called an old friend to help figure out what we could do. He didn’t care, […]

the gordon lightfoot doc had some interesting historical footage but it seems more about creating a legacy he would like for hollywood and i would have liked more on cathy […]